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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

How Long Does An Accident Stay On Your Record?

I hear questions like this a lot.  Tickets and accidents can cause spikes in your car insurance rates and no one wants that.  

The good news is that they eventually drop off and your rate goes back down.  The bad news is that it typically takes 3 years for that to happen.

If you get a ticket, you may be able to avoid having a surcharge on your policy by taking a defensive driving course and getting the ticket removed.  This will depend on your past record and what the court offers, but it is a good option!

If your rates do go up, make sure you are taking advantage of all other discounts to offset the increase.  Bring all of your insurance to one company so you take advantage of multi-policy discounts.  Raise your deductible for a while so you pay more out of pocket in an accident, but a lower monthly rate.  

Have questions?  We're always available to help!  Just give us a call and schedule a free review to see what is available and how we can keep your rates manageable even after an accident.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Car Insurance For Teenagers

Do you have a teenage driver (or one on the way)?  Back to school time is a great opportunity to think about car insurance savings!  

Having a teenage driver can be stressful.  You worry, first and foremost, about their safety and then about the costs.  And there are a lot of costs!  Things like purchasing an additional vehicle, getting licensed, and paying a little more for insurance. 

Fortunately, you still have options.

First you want to think about the vehicle your teen will be driving.  Premiums are higher on vehicles with comprehensive and collision coverage, which pays to fix your vehicle after an accident.  When you have a car that has only liability insurance (which pays only for damage your driver does to someone elses car), you pay a lot less.

If you are purchasing a car for your teen and need to watch your budget, consider buying an older reliable model for cash that will not require comprehensive and collision coverage.  We can help you weigh the cost and the risk to see if it is a good option for you.  

You also want to take advantage of all available discounts.  These vary by policy but typically include a discount for driver's education and one for having good grades.  With school about to start, it's a great time to setup an incentive plan with your teenager to make sure they keep those grades up and your premiums low!  

Still have questions?  Call us to review your current policy and look for ways to help you manage the cost of having a teenage driver.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

August Home Maintenance Tasks

Every month, we share easy tasks you can do to keep your home in tip-top shape all year long.  In August, we still have warm temperatures and a few hot summer days left to enjoy.  So what can you do this month for your home?

Get Rid Of Allergens

Many people suffer from allergies due to dust mites.  But there are ways to rid your home of the dust without spending all day cleaning.  

Look for where dust lurks.  Use a damp cloth to clean all window blinds and fan blades once a month. If you have carpet, make it a priority to vacuum on a regular basis.  These things will get rid of dust and prevent allergies.

Clean The Grill

After a summer of heavy use, make sure your grill is still in good shape.  Heat it up for 10-15 minutes to burn off any residue and then scrub the grill with a wire brush.  Start looking for a grill cover to keep it protected through the winter.

Plan A Fun Labor Day Weekend

Okay this isn't a home maintenance item, but it's still fun!  Labor Day weekend is only a few weeks away.  Why not schedule a cookout or party with family and friends?  

Save on Home Insurance -  

If we don't currently insure your home, call us for a quote today. We'll look for every possible discount without sacrificing important coverage. Great insurance coverage is the best protection you can have!