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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Consider Rental Reimbursement Coverage

Under the best circumstances, having an auto accident is really annoying. It can be equally disturbing to realize you didn't buy rental car coverage on your auto insurance policy. So you could be faced with having no car while it's being repaired, paying the $500 deductible and another $300 to $500 for the rental car. If you've got the money, fine; but if you don't, rental coverage could be something you'd like to consider.

People may say "Hey, if the accident isn't my fault, I can collect from the other person's insurance carrier." That's true -- as long as the other person was at fault, they have insurance, and you get their name, plate number, license number, etc. If they don't have insurance, lots of luck taking them to small claims court for the rental car money.

I find that most of the time, it's better to take care of Number One and get the extra coverage. The cost is reasonable, ranging from $40 to around $100.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Alert!

The snow load on your roof could be approaching a dangerous level. For your safety, remove snow from your roof as soon as possible. The is especially critical if you have a flat roof or one with a minimal pitch.

The potential for roof collapse or structural damage increases as the weight of the accumulated snow and ice exceeds the snow load capacity of the roof. Also, the likelihood of developing ice dams and the resulting water damage to the interior of the house increases with the amount of snow remaining on your roof.

Rain falling on accumulated snow is especially dangerous because snow-covered roofs do not drain well and the weight of the snow increases.

It may be prudent to hire someone to remove snow from your roof before the next storm hits the area. You can call a local roofer or contractor to see if they can help.