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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Why Should I Get An Umbrella Policy If I Have The Homestead Act?

Many people ask why they should have a Personal Umbrella if they already have the Homestead Act on their home. Many people underestimate the “coverage” that the Homestead Act provides. As of March 16, 2011, the Homestead Act will provide “up to” $500,000 of the equity in their homes for a judgement that is made against the homeowner so that residence is not jeopardized by creditors. Homeowners that purchased their Homestead prior to March 16, 2011 have the limit at that time of purchase. This sounds great, right? Maybe not so good, here’s the “catch”. In order for the Homestead to pay out; there has to be an actual judgement made against the homeowner. This does not include legal fees, it’s just the judgement. If you cannot pay the legal fees in order to protect yourself, what good was that Homestead? What if you’re falsely accused and no judgement is made? The Homestead doesn’t provide coverage at all. The Personal Umbrella provides legal fees and the judgement (up to the policy limits and exclusions) whether you’re innocent or guilty.

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