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Friday, September 12, 2014

Is There Coverage For My Company Car On My Personal Umbrella Policy?

Under the standard Personal Umbrella Policy there is not coverage afforded for the company car that you may be driving on a regular basis unless you are using that car for personal use AND you have “Use of Other Vehicles” endorsed to your Personal Auto Policy and also have that vehicle listed on your Umbrella at the time of a loss. The vehicle also cannot be “owned” by the named insured. Now if you happen to take the company car that is “not provided to you for your regular use” and happen to have a loss while you’re running “personal” errands, then the Umbrella Policy would afford coverage automatically. If that same scenario were to happen with the company car that was provided to you for regular use; you would need to have that vehicle endorsed to your Auto & Umbrella policies in order to have coverage. This is a tricky situation to say the least, so please contact our agency if you have any questions.

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