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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Replacement Cost vs. Market Value

How many times have you looked at your Homeowner’s policy and thought that the coverage on your house was way too high? And that you could never sell your house for that amount.

With the housing market being what it is, people think that the coverage on their homes should reflect the market value -- but you couldn’t be more wrong. The difference between market value and replacement cost is that market value reflects what a home can be sold for but replacement cost is what a home can be re-built for. Do you see the difference?

With the cost of services and materials, you want to make sure that you have enough coverage to rebuild your home in case of a loss. Some may say that they would never rebuild their house the way it is now, but let’s consider the problems with that theory if you have a loss and the home is not completely destroyed. For example, say your home is insured for $160,000 but it should be insured for $200,000 and you have a kitchen fire that resulted in $50,000 worth of damage. The fact is, the insurance company will only pay you $40,000, less your deductible. That means that you’ll have to write a check for that remaining $10,000 in order to get your kitchen back in working order.   

The reason behind this is in the numbers.  Because you have only insured your home for 80% of its value, you will only receive payment for 80% of the loss.  If you have questions about replacement cost, contact your insurance agent.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Will Your Party Be Holiday Cheer or a Potential Lawsuit?

Most states have laws that govern the operation of bars, taverns, restaurants or any other business that is required to have a liquor license in order to sell and serve liquor. State laws further define the responsibilities of these business owners for the actions of their customers who leave their place of business after having too much to drink. These businesses are encouraged to purchase a Liquor Liability Insurance Policy to provide protection for potential lawsuits due to property damage or bodily injury caused by an intoxicated customer.

However, even you as a homeowner have the same exposures.
Many states extend liquor liability to any “social host” who continues to serve liquor to anyone who appears to have had too much to drink and will likely be driving home. So take these tips to heart:

If possible, have the party at a location other than your home.
Serve lots of food and non-alcoholic drinks.
Have someone keep an eye on your guests, to recognize when someone has had too much alcohol.
Keep an eye on everyone as they leave the party to determine whether or not they are sober enough to drive.
Make arrangements for transportation for those who shouldn’t get behind the wheel of a vehicle.
You may even want to consider an "alcohol free"
Christmas party. You will just have to weigh the advantage of alcohol over the potential for lawsuits due to bodily injury that might result from the actions of an intoxicated party guest.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

September Home Maintenance Tasks

Every month, we share easy tasks you can do to keep your home in tip-top shape all year long.  So here are a few simple tasks you can do in September to prepare your home for cool fall weather!

Check Gutters -  Take a few minutes to make sure your gutters are clear.  With rain and falling leaves, gutters will be working overtime.  By making sure theyre clear now, youll avoid water damage later on. 

Clean The Dryer Vent - Lint accumulating in the dryer vent can cause a house fire.  A couple of times per year, unplug the dryer and thoroughly vacuum the area around the dryer vent and hose.  Remember to check the outside vent too! 

Gather Firewood - Will you be burning a wood stove or fireplace this winter?  Start gathering up firewood now and save yourself from the task when its cold outside. 

Get Ready For Autumn - Now is a great time to start planting some fall flowers.  Mums and pumpkins make a great addition to your front porch! 

Save On Home Insurance - Homeowners Insurance is an important part of protecting your belongings.  To make sure you have the best coverage, call us today for a free, no obligation quote.  

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Protect Your Family During Severe Weather

Did you know that March is Severe Weather Preparation Month?

While it may still feel like winter outside, it won’t be long until spring arrives. And with it comes spring storms! Is your family prepared?

Spring weather will be here before we know it! And now is the time to think about protecting your home and family.

First things first, make sure you have designated a safe place to go to if the weather gets severe. It could be a basement, closet, or room with no windows or outside walls. Make sure this space is cleared out enough that you could easily get your family (and pets) inside if needed. (You don’t want to be frantically clearing out the closet if there is a tornado!)

Next, put together a small emergency kit. What would you need if the power was out? Consider putting in flashlights, extra batteries, canned food, a weather radio and plenty of water. (Don’t forget supplies for your pets too!)

Keep emergency phone numbers in your cell phone contacts, including the phone number for our office (508-347-9343) in case you need to make a claim. You could even save a note in your phone with your policy numbers too.

If you do suffer damage, give us a call to report a claim once the danger has passed. We’ll do everything we can to make the claim process simple and quick!

While we can’t prevent bad weather, it’s always great to be as prepared as possible. Take care of your family first and know that we’ll be there to protect your belongings.  

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

March Home Maintenance Tips

What do you need to do this month to keep your home running smoothly and your family protected? Read below to find out!

Change Batteries In Smoke Detectors - When the clocks spring forward, take a few minutes to change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. This way you know that they’re always in working order!

Make A Severe Weather Plan - March is Severe Weather Preparation Month. Designate a safe place in your home in case of dangerous weather. Stock it with basic emergency supplies and throw in an extra flashlight, batteries, and a weather radio too! Make sure the entire family knows where to go during a severe storm and how to get alerts.

Check Your Credit Report - March is also Credit Education Month. When was the last time you checked to see that your credit reports were accurate? If it’s been over a year, stop by and order a free copy today. Then use an app like Credit Karma to check your credit score with multiple bureaus. These steps can help you catch identity theft or errors. Plus, good credit saves you money on interest and insurance!

Review Your Insurance Discounts - Are you getting all the discounts you qualify for? While you’re busy preparing your taxes and spring cleaning, take a few minutes to call us to review your policy! We’ll make sure your information is all up to date and that you’re receiving every discount that you qualify for.

And as always, give us a call at 508-347-9343 if you have any questions or need assistance with auto, home, business, or life insurance. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Insurance For Newlyweds

February is one of the busiest times of the year for engagements and weddings. And if you’re planning to tie the knot soon - congratulations!

Now it’s time to think about what this means for your insurance! When you get married and combine two households, there are some important insurance things to think about. Let’s go over some of the most common (and often overlooked).

Once you’re married, you’ll want to combine your vehicles onto one auto insurance policy. Bonus? Many times you’ll get a discount when you have multiple vehicles on one policy! If you only own one vehicle, just make sure to add your spouse to the policy.

Next you’ll want to make sure that you have renters or homeowners insurance in place for your new household. If you’re keeping your current residence, just have us add your spouse to the policy. If you’re renting and don’t have coverage, have us quote a renters insurance policy! You’ll save on your auto insurance PLUS protect all of those fancy wedding gifts!

And finally, have a conversation about Life insurance. No one wants to think about this important coverage but if you’re planning to start a family or if your spouse depends on your income, then now is the time to get it started. We can quote an affordable life insurance policy to protect your new family.

None of this is time consuming or difficult! In fact, it can usually be done in one short phone conversation. Call us today at 508-347-9343 to discuss your policy!  

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

February Home Maintenance Tasks

Each month in 2016, we’ll be sharing a short list of tasks and ideas of things you can do to help take care of your home, vehicle, and family. Consider them a helpful reminder of what needs to get accomplished throughout the month to keep your important items protected.

Here’s what’s on the list for February:

Add New Jewelry On Your Insurance Policy - If your Valentine surprised you with a new bracelet or ring, make sure it’s covered! Bring in a copy of the appraisal or receipt and we’ll add it to your Home or Renters insurance policy. (This also applies to artwork, guns, and other collectibles or antiques if you’re not a jewelry person.)

Purchase A Fire Extinguisher - If you don’t have a fire extinguisher in your kitchen, now is the time to get at least one. Plan a family meeting and teach everyone in the household when and how to use it. It’s an easy way to prevent a small kitchen fire from getting out of hand.

Getting Married? - February 14th is a popular date for weddings! If you’re tying the knot this month, call us to discuss your insurance. We’ll look at your individual policies and discuss how best to combine them for your new household. (Plus you might qualify for more discounts!)

Show The Love! - There is no better way to show your family how much you love them, then with the proper amount of life insurance! We can give you a quote on an affordable term policy and help you get this important coverage in place quickly.

We LOVE to help our clients! Let us know if we can assist you in any way with your auto, home, business, or life insurance.