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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Driving Defensively

You may be a skilled driver but at one point or another you may run into equipment failures, bad weather, inexperienced drivers, unpredictable pedestrians, and drivers who ignore traffic laws. Here are some tips from the Registry of Motor Vehicles that could save you and your family’s lives.

To prepare for unpredictable events, you should always drive defensively.
• Always have clear visibility in front and around your vehicle.  Clean your windows and remove all snow.
• Stay alert and prepared for the unexpected.
• Keep a safe distance around your vehicle.
• Drive at the right speed and know when to slow down and stop.
• Always wear your safety belt.
• Do not drive if you have been drinking, are on medication, or are very tired.
• Keep your vehicle in good working order.
• Obey the rules of the road and give the right-of-way when appropriate.

Always look ahead of and around you, and check your mirrors often. Be aware of road
conditions and possible hazards in front, to the sides, and behind you.

• Look at everything in front of you. Look for vehicles stopping and watch for people
getting in or out of parked vehicles. Pay close attention to pedestrians or bicyclists
sharing the road with you.
• Expect mistakes from other drivers.
• Watch for back-up lights of vehicles ahead of you.
• Pay close attention to crosswalks. Don’t rely on traffic signals. Other drivers, bicyclists,
and pedestrians may ignore traffic signals.
• Always pay close attention near playgrounds, schoolyards, and shopping centers.
Children, pedestrians, and bicyclists may be hidden from sight.
• A big part of driving defensively is giving the right-of-way to prevent unsafe traffic situations.

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