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Friday, May 8, 2009

Who does your insurance agent work for??

Do you know who your local insurance agent works for? What's your first thought? The insurance carrier who you have your policy with? Well ,you are wrong if that is what you think! Your agent works for YOU; they are the liaison between you and your insurance company.
The job of an insurance agent is to service your account, make sure your policy limits are where they should be, make recommendations when need be, ensure you are receiving all the discounts you apply for and, most importantly, answer your questions and ease your concerns and problems.

The insurance agent is not responsible for creating the insurance companies policies and procedures. We must follow their standards, but by no means do we set those standards. Agents aren't the ones charging billing fees, late fees, or increasing your premium due to getting in an accident or receiving a speeding violation. When inconveniences occur in regards to any of your insurance policies, your agent is going to help you fix it, get in touch with who needs to be spoken to and get answers for you and, more often then not, resolve it.

The insurance agent is there for you, has your best interests in mind and wants to do nothing more then to make your insurance experience positive, reassuring and stress free!

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