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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Etiquette Corner

Simply getting where you’re going every day raises a few questions for the manners-minded.

A tip on “At the Gas Pump”

At multi-island gas stations, drive slowly and carefully to accommodate people who are standing at the pumps or walking back & forth to the store. When possible, pull up to the gas pump that will allow other drivers easy access to unused pumps. Pay special attention to any “cash only” or “credit card only” signs on the pumps so that you won’t waste others time by having to move from one pump to the other.

Shop for items or attend to other business inside only if you’ve parked your car in a parking spot (leave it at the pump only when paying your bill inside). Remember, too, that you’re in a potentially hazardous environment. Avoid danger by turning off your engine before pumping gas and waiting until later to light a cigarette, cigar or pipe.

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