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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What If You Disagree With a Claims Adjustor?

If you’ve had a claim and disagree with the claims adjustor, you have the right to discuss your concerns with the adjustor.  You need to be prepared to show the adjustor why you disagree with them; you can’t just say that you think you should get paid more for your claim. If you have an auto accident, for example, and think that the adjustor’s figure is not enough to replace your vehicle, research the book value on Kelly Blue Book at  Make sure that you input all of the correct information on your vehicle. If the book value is different from what the adjustor is offering, provide that documentation to them. Sometimes you may have better information than the adjustor.

If you have a homeowners claim, get estimates from 2 or 3 licensed contractors for comparison. When you’re in the middle of a claim, you may be upset and may not realize the true value of your home or vehicle.  Taking these steps can reassure you that what you’re being offered is fair and correct but if not, make sure you have the necessary documentation to back up your position.

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