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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Make Sure You Give Correct Information to Your Insurance Agent

When you get your new or renewal auto policy, do you look through it to make sure that all the information is correct? You should. Simple things like having the wrong address for your garaging (where do you sleep at night?) or missing an operator could lead to trouble down the road if you have a claim. Even if you think that your insurance premium may increase if you correctly list that you live in Springfield as opposed to Holland, make sure the correct information is reflected on your policy.  And verify that the person with the high number of points is not “accidentally” forgotten.  It doesn’t pay to save a little on your premiums if you have a claim which gets denied because the information on your policy is incorrect. If you have a new driver, make sure that you add them to your policy as soon as you can get to your phone. The most common reasons for denial of claims are because the policy holder neglected to give the correct location of garaging or listing an inexperienced operator.

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