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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Reminder: Oil heating leak coverage available in Massachusetts

Effective September 30, 2011, a law was enacted that required homeowners to bring their heating oil systems into compliance with leak prevention requirements.  As a part of this law, insurance companies providing Homeowners Insurance in the state of Massachusetts must offer coverage for leaks from heating systems that use oil. 

All companies handle this differently.  Some include it automatically in the homeowners premium.  Others charge between $50 and $90 for various levels of insurance. 

To add the coverage, the customer must provide a copy of the permit provided by the fire department or by a licensed oil burner technician that certifies that the oil heating system complies with the regulations.  The insurance company may also require that you sign a supplemental application.  Finally, the oil leak coverage can only be added at policy renewal.  Call us at 508-347-9343 if you would like more information about this important issue.

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