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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Copper is the New Gold

With copper prices on the rise, the theft of residential scrap copper is an alarming development. Thieves look for scrap copper in the wiring of electrical units, air conditioners, refrigerators, plumbing pipes, and street lights. These desperate thieves sell to junk dealers for a fraction of the cost it will take to you to repair the damages. Unfortunately, there is little to no record- keeping for junk dealers and sellers so it is extremely difficult to track down thieves.

Make sure to protect your home with proper security and keep an eye on entrances to your property. Hot spots for copper theft are in vacant homes and buildings, but many thefts do occur in occupied homes.

There are a couple ways to prevent copper theft including a few different alarm systems which are attached onto refrigerant lines. This makes it more difficult to remove and quickly steal the copper components. If they are removed, an alarm will sound to scare off your copper thief. So be aware and alert to this new theft target.

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