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Friday, April 30, 2010

New Solutions to Distracted Driving

We hear about it. We read about it. We preach to our teen drivers about it. Did you know that your risk of a crash is 23.2 times as high if you are texting while driving? Despite all of this, when our cell phone rings while we are going 50 MPH on Route 20, we answer it.

In our defense, the advances in technology have led us to believe that we, along with our friends, family and work associates, must be readily available at all times. Also, the simple act of operating a vehicle seems to have become so mundane in our evolved society that multitasking is the only way for us to feel accomplished when we have reached our destination.

So how can we break our addiction? More technology, of course! The following is a list of websites offering cell phone software which disables your device while your car is in motion:,, and

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  1. most people don't realize that if your in the car with someone else they can probably write a text for you. If its a private matter then you probably should seriously consider how much you text. GIVE YOUR GIRL OR WIFE a CALL!